Extra-Dimensional Rift

Extra-Dimensional Rift

April 2009

Video projector, computer, custom software in Processing. Dimesions variable. Exhibited at 108 Occidental Gallery, Seattle, 2009. Curated by Cait Willis.

generative projection mapping

A reference to a plot device used in science-fiction and particularly fantasy books and games. The idea of an extra-dimensional rift is that a tear is formed in the fabric of space-time creating a passage to places, eras and even Universes other than our own. The illusion of such a rift is created by projecting a simple generative animation on a surface.

“There are basically two ways to create a hole or “rift” from one dimension to another. You can either punch a hole through the space-time continuum or you can warp or “fold” space and time. The first method, punching a hole, takes a lot of energy and pure mystical force, even though it is the easiest and therefore the most commonly used method. Folding space on the other hand takes a lot less energy, but is very hard to do. It is easy to bend or warp space-time if you know what you are doing. This is one of the reasons if takes the shifter less energy to travel back home, because he is more tuned to the space-time than most other wizards and mages.” – Dimension & Time Theories

“Why do we have to search for him?” questions Miss Majestic. “Whatever the problem is with Prime, I am sure he would come out of hiding with the right stimulus. We could create an extra-dimensional “rift,” of course it would be fake but I am sure we could make the signature real enough to catch his attention.” – FromWardens Fourth Ed. Character Stories

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