Refresh of
February 2014

Finally getting done with my new website and updating my portfolio. It's been a while. Also adding a place to get into the "blog" thing finally. And this is the first article.

I started creating the new version of this site over a year ago after leaving full time employment with the closure of the infamous production agency Süperfad. And, as the old adage goes, “the shoemaker has no shoes”, theoretically because he’s so busy making other peoples shoes. Now this shoemaker has some new shoes, mostly in thanks to a lull in work for the last week or so.

This first post is also, technically, the first blog post on In the past was a custom PHP thing that required a lot of manually updating. After building a few custom wordpress themes for clients and other projects I decided it was time my own site was based on WordPress.

The custom theme “GrauwaldNeu” was created using HTML5 Boilerplate, Foundation.css and jQuery. The homepage toy is created using Processing.js.

Please take a look at the Art, Design and Tech pages while you’re here and enjoy! If you’re looking for digital creative work for the web and beyond don’t hesitate to contact me via the email at the bottom of each page.

Joseph Gray