Night Rider

Night Rider

December 2008

24 dual head tripod halogen worklights, theater lighting gels, 6 DMX dimmer packs, 6 DMX cables, programmable DMX controller, several hundered feet of power cables, a hundered or so cable ties. Dimesions variable. Elements Too Building, Bellevue, Washington. Curated by Van Diep. Technical and Fabrication Support: Joel Cain, Michael Foltz, Randy Moss, Christopher Overstreet, Rebekah Slavin Community Support: Abigail Guay and Laura O'Quin of Steven Vroom and Ian Harrison of

architecture electronics light sculpture

24 industrial work lights are hooked up to 6 DMX lighting control dimmer packs. The lights are arranged across the entire floor of a downtown Bellevue Washington construction site. A stand-alone DMX controller is sending an oscillating wave of light fade commands, creating an undulating stripe of light flowing across the width of the building.

This work was a commision from Su Development and the Elements Too building to celebrate the holiday season and enliven the Bellevue skyline during the darkest month of the year. Additional support came from Open Satellite and 911 Media Arts Center.

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