Angry Fruit Salad

July 2010

Joseph Gray (software) & Keith Tilford (sculpture). Materials: Foam core, adhesive, acrylic paint, gesso, spackle, fasteners, digital projector, IR web cam, computer, cables & custom software written in Processing. Exhibited in ACTION! at Ghost Gallery, Seattle 2010. Curated by Cait Willis & Laurie Kearney. (Photo credit: Gabriel C. Herbertson)

installation interactive projection mapping sculpture

angry fruit salad: n. A bad visual-interface design that uses too many colors. (This term derives, of course, from the bizarre day-glo colors found in canned fruit salad.) Too often one sees similar effects from interface designers using color window systems such as X; there is a tendency to create displays that are flashy and attention-getting but uncomfortable for long-term use.The New Hackers Dictionary

Reductivism, Schwitters, formalization, Lobachevsky, Euclid’s parallel postulate, new geometries; that the consistency of an axiomatic system cannot be proven within that system. Gödel. Endless endlessness. Cantor. Pure indifferent multiplicity. void setup( ){actual = new Actual(virtual);} ‘Post-contemporary’ bricolage. Differentiation. Dialectics and diametric oppositions. Histories instead of History (Badiou). Entropy, Brownian motion, the clinamen, Meillassoux’s ‘hyper-chaos’. Machines. Non-organic life. Contingency and incompleteness, the passage of idea and concept through form. Glitch, crunchy fuzz.

Complexity Theory, Vitalism, Kool-Aid, Tang, Consciousness, the Brain and Commodore 64. Litanies. Realist Ontologies. Speculative metaphysics, materialisms and topologies. The scientific color pallet. Interactive technologies, open-source software, isomorphisms, new forms of life and forms of thought. New politics. Ideas of the commons. Diaspora: impossible, coming, interoperable. Try again, fail again, fail better (Beckett). Undecidable propositions. Art and philosophy and moving trains. Also, Quaternions and involution. K holes and Halo. New Rave and aging detritus. Noise. Wii rhetoric and Agambenian inflections. Gaming. The dice throw.